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Lexington’s professional baseball team announced today its new name and visual identity. Formerly known as the Lexington Legends, the team will now be the Lexington Counter Clocks, a name which pays homage to Kentucky’s historic spirit of independence.

Traditionally, horses in England raced around a grass track in a clockwise direction. However, declaring independence from the British way, early Kentuckians began to race their horses in the opposite direction – counter-clockwise – and on dirt. The world – and baseball – ultimately followed Kentucky’s lead.

Along with its new name, the Lexington Counter Clocks introduced today Hoss and Dinger, two fun-loving characters that encapsulate the energetic nature of the brand. Hoss the horse races to the left, charging toward home base with a Big L-inspired ball player on his back. Meanwhile, for Dinger the clock, it’s game time all the time. His hands hold tight to a bat, ready for action and clocking home run after home run.

“Throughout the process of developing our new team name and visual identity, we heard from hundreds of members of the local community, who all shared one thing in common: a deep pride of their state and of its rich history,” said Lexington Counter Clocks owner Nathan Lyons. “We have worked hard to reflect this hometown pride – and the significant role Central Kentucky has played in sports history – in our new name and visual identity. We’re thrilled to introduce the Lexington Counter Clocks to the community today, and we’re looking forward to what promises to be an exciting season of baseball.”

The Lexington Counter Clocks season begins on April 28th with a three-game homestand against the York Revolution. Tickets for the full 2023 season can be purchased here. New merchandise, featuring the Lexington Counter Clocks name and visual identity, is available here.

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